First anniversary – ‘It would be so nice with our Lukas’


One year ago today, Stefan and Sabrina’s son died in the hospital after a failed delivery. “We miss him everywhere,” says the mother. The Public Prosecution Service is continuing to investigate.

It was December 6, 2021 when Lukas was born. And December 14, when the boy took his last breath. The son of Sabrina and Stefan W. was in an artificial deep sleep for eight days. Due to severe brain damage caused by the completely failed childbirth in the hospital of Vöcklabruck. Due to the suspicion of murder through negligence, the public prosecutor of Wels is investigating a hospital doctor and two midwives: “The investigations have not yet been completed,” it says at the request of “Krone”.

Right now, on the first anniversary of his death and the family’s Christmas season, thoughts revolve around what happened: “A lot of questions are going through my mind again. Did I trust the doctors too much then? You have to keep thinking about what happened. You can’t lose your mind. He misses us and would have learned to walk by now. But I know Lukas is in a better place now,” says mother Sabrina.

On Sinterklaas Day, the family stood at Lukas’ grave – on his birthday. Daughter Leonie (3) keeps talking about her brother, says the mother, who currently has to think about the future. The return to work is delayed while the legal settlement drags on: “I have to make sure it goes through somehow. As a parent you have to function.” Sabrina herself had lost more than two liters of blood during the caesarean section: “I am infinitely grateful that I am still here.”

Source: Krone


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