Out of frustration – Militant cyclist slashed car tires


Officers from the Lauterach Police Inspectorate in Vorarlberg investigated a 32-year-old man who allegedly cut the tires of a total of 28 vehicles. The motive for the crime makes you sit up and take notice.

Since November, a number of vehicle owners from the Lauterach/Hard region have reported the incident to the police. They all had the same story to tell: their car’s tires were flat. In the course of an extensive investigation, officials finally managed to catch the vandals in the act on Sunday morning in Lauterach.

Suspect confesses
The 32-year-old made a full confession and also stated the motive for his actions: he became frustrated with the ruthlessness motorists experienced towards cyclists and therefore took revenge. The vehicles were chosen at random by the suspect. The material damage must be at least 6000 euros.

Source: Krone


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