“Everything became too much” – Missing father was in the car for a week


Every time the phone rings brings hope and despair! Two fathers had mysteriously disappeared shortly before the turn of the year. A case has now been solved – and went well.

On Christmas Eve, a 33-year-old from Schwanenstadt was suddenly “swallowed off the face of the earth”. The native Serb celebrated with his wife and two children and then sat down in front of the Playstation. Around 10 p.m., Dad and the car suddenly left. He had only put on his shoes and took out his mobile phone – wallet with debit card and jacket not missing.

The phone registered in Laakirchen, but then it was dead. The search for the car on surveillance cameras at border crossings and on the highways – it was searched for in the old homeland of Serbia – was unsuccessful. According to family and colleagues, there was no motive for the disappearance.

Park not far from home
“Everything just got too much for me at Christmas,” says the 33-year-old when he suddenly appeared at Schwanenstadt police station at 1 p.m. Friday. He had noticed that he was being searched for, so he came back. He hadn’t gotten very far anyway, had spent the week in the car in a parking lot in Vöcklabruck. The 33-year-old is undergoing medical treatment.

Roland K. went it alone and never arrived in cash
This story probably also gives hope to the relatives of Roland K. (42), who has been missing for exactly three weeks, from Natternbach, to believe in a miracle. He was in Linz with friends on the night of December 10 and wanted to transfer from the “Rox” to the “Linzer Alm”. He told his comrades that he continued – and never arrived.

Indications that the father of two, who was doing well at work, had been seen at the main station or in the “Mausefalle” were dead ends. The mobile phone was last logged in on the main square of Linz, where police sniffer dogs also lost track. The police suspect that Roland K. fell into the Danube.

But as long as his body doesn’t turn up, there’s still hope that the next phone ring will bring relief.

Source: Krone


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