Inappropriate footwear – Salzburg: a few holidaymakers went off track


Inappropriate footwear – Salzburg: a few holidaymakers went off track

A couple on holiday in Strobl got into trouble in the Alps on Sunday. The mountain rescue service was able to bring the two to safety unharmed.

The couple, who come from Germany and the Netherlands, planned a mountain trip to the Braunedlkogel (1894m). They wanted to walk from the Rettenegghütte via the north side to the top. Because the steep climb was partly covered in a hard blanket of snow, the couple lost their footing on the steep climb. They climbed about 500 feet under the saddle over an approximately 40 degree steep gully to the top. But after about 80 meters in height, the two could not continue in the steep terrain. They called 911. Nine mountain rescuers and a Strobl police officer then went to the scene.

Couple had to abseil
The mountain rescuers managed to rappel the couple down the steep gully. In this way, the two could be safely taken to the Rettenegghütte. From there, the police took the hikers to the Postalm. They were unharmed.

The tourists were hiking in the Wolfgangsee region for the first time and had no alpine experience before their hike. They wore soft-soled outdoor shoes that are not suitable for the alpine terrain and especially not for the hard ground.

Source: Krone


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