Shock in Tiroler Ort – car destroyed by firefighters during use


Numerous damages to the private vehicles of some members of the voluntary fire brigade in Eben am Achensee (Tyrol) are currently causing many problems. During an operation, strangers attacked the parked car. The fire department draws consequences.

On Saturday, the fire brigade in Eben am Achensee was called to neighboring Achenkirch. As usual, the numerous Floriani disciples came to the fire station in their private cars and continued from there with the emergency vehicle. After a good hour the operation was over and they returned to headquarters.

Three members experienced a real shock there. Vandals had attacked their vehicles and caused several large dents in the trunk. “These are not just small scratches that you could say can be polished out. How they were made is recorded,” reports Daniel Paulitsch, deputy commander of the Eben am Achensee fire brigade.

It’s also a sad premiere. So far, the cars have been spared during surgery. You have to see how the comrades deal with the costs. To prevent this in the future, consequences are now being met. “We are now going to make our people aware of this. We are also considering introducing video surveillance. It cannot prevent that, but it can at least deter it,” says Paulitsch. Other fire brigades also want to be informed of this.

Expensive bill expected
One of the victims is Rupert Wöll. He now takes his car to the workshop and waits for the bill: “It can also be in the four-digit range. It’s annoying because we work on a voluntary basis and help others.”

Source: Krone


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