The Basque Pensioners’ Movement opens a week of mobilizations this Monday with a fast closing


They will hold roundtables with expert voices and various protests until Friday, culminating in a demonstration on Saturday the 18th in Bilbao. They maintain their demand for a minimum pension of 1,080 euros because it is “a basic income so that a pensioner has access to a decent life”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Euskal Herriko Pentsiodunen Mugimenduak baraualdi-itxialdi batekin abiatuko du mobilizazio-astea

He Euskal Herria Pensioners Movement begins this Monday a week of mobilizations to demand a minimum pension of 1,080 euroswith a “fasting-encierro”, round tables with experts in this field and protests that will end with the realization of a manifestation on Saturday, March 18 in Bilbao.

The mobilization program they designed will begin Monday 13 with a presentation in the concentration that the pensioners will hold weekly at noon before the City Council of Bilbao, after which there will be an “accompaniment of the meeting to the fasting encierro”, which they will perform at a place in the capital of Biscay in teams of 30 men per day.

For him Tuesday 14 They intend to hand over a letter addressed to the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, to the sub-delegation of the government to transfer their application for a minimum pension of 1,080 euros. Later, they will tour the National Institute of Social Security to expose “the problems of inattentiveness.” On that day there will also be a round table discussion on the future of pensions and reforms in Europe.

He Wednesday 15, they will march to the delegation of the Basque government to demand the supplement of the pension to reach that minimum of 1,080 euros and deliver a letter to Emakunde denouncing the gender gap. They will also hold a round table on measures to close the gender gap.

On the day of Thursday 16, they will tour the seats of the different parties to hand them a letter urging them to defend the minimum pension of 1,080 euros. Similarly, another roundtable will be held, this time focusing on platforms for retirees.

He Friday the 17th They go to the town hall to call for participation in the march on Saturday 18, which starts at noon from Plaza Moyua in the capital of Biscay and to which trade unions, youth platforms and other social groups have been invited to display their specific banners.

Minimum pension of 1,080 euros in 14 benefits

The group of pensioners has declared these new mobilizations after “demanding for more than five years a minimum pension of 1,080 euros in 14 payments, as it meets the adequacy criteria of the European Social Charter (CSE)”. As they have noted, it is “a basic income so that a pensioner has access to a decent life in old age and it is also an effective measure to reduce the pension gap between men and women”.

The Pensioners’ Movement have warned that in Euskadi and Navarra, after the latest 8.5% increase, 30% of pensioners “do not get a pension of 800 euros per month”. According to the figures they provided, this situation affects 199,800 pensioners (155,000 Basques and 44,800 Navarres), of whom 152,600 are women.

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Source: EITB


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