Pain runs deep – after the murder of Luise: “Tons of weight on the city”


After the violent death of 12-year-old Luise, the mayor of Freudenberg called for solidarity. “Grief and bewilderment are like a heavy burden for our city,” Nicole Reschke said on Sunday during a service in the small town of Siegerland, which was dedicated to mourning the girl.

“We are united in our pain with Luise’s relatives,” the mayor stressed.

“Let’s not judge too quickly!”
“Is our cohesion in Freudenberg strong enough to endure all this?” Reschke asked. You must stand up together, including against “agitation and aggressive know-it-alls” from the outside, appealed to the local politician and warned: “Let’s not judge prematurely!” Two 12 and 13 year old girls had the act of violence.

Siegen Evangelical District Superintendent Peter-Thomas Stuberg said during the service, which was also broadcast on YouTube, that it was not the central memorial service for Luise.

Central commemoration on Wednesday
This will take place next Wednesday. The service should help to get out of the speechlessness and express the sadness.

Source: Krone


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