89-year-old victim – brutal home burglary acquitted after six years


After six years, a brutal robbery of an 89-year-old woman could be solved within her own four walls in Seiersberg (Styria). At the beginning of March, a Romanian (29) was arrested in Bavaria.

It was mid-May 2017, the elderly pensioner and her carer had already gone to bed and were sleeping soundly. “Suddenly I was shaken violently,” says the now deceased woman. Suddenly a masked man stood there, covered her mouth and wanted the key to the safe.

victim tied up
The masked man and another perpetrator wearing white rubber gloves then tied the victim’s hands and feet together, dragged the woman into the next room and threw her onto the nursing bed (60), which had also been tied by two other criminals. Because she screamed so loudly, they taped her mouth and beat the 60-year-old. The women’s martyrdom lasted about 40 minutes before the perpetrators made off with cash, a diamond ring, a cell phone and hearing aids.

Accomplices already convicted
Already in 2018, a Romanian (58) and his wife (48) were sentenced to prison terms in this case. At the beginning of March, the handcuffs clicked for another Romanian (29) in Bavaria. There was a European arrest warrant against him, requested by detectives of the robbery group of the LKA Steiermark and ordered by the Graz public prosecutor’s office. He would have committed the deeds and assaulted the women. Further investigations are underway into other perpetrators.

The suspect denies the crimes despite overwhelming evidence, police said. He was taken to Graz-Jakomini Prison.

Source: Krone


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