“Gladiator” congratulates – Colosseum in Rome got panoramic elevator


The Colosseum, the symbol of Rome, has been given a panoramic elevator. This means technical comfort for the approximately eight million visitors per year.

The view over the Eternal City is unique and visitors can save themselves 100 stairs: the Italian monument and Roman monument has been given an elevator. This allows visitors to ride from the second to the third floor of the monument in the Roman Colosseum.

The elevator was inaugurated in the presence of the Italian Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano. During the official presentation of the modern device at the historic site, a video was shown of the famous actor Russell Crowe, whose main role in “Gladiator” earned him an Oscar for best actor.

Crowe congratulated Rome on the new panoramic elevator. Sangiuliano said: “From today, the Colosseum is even more of a World Heritage Site, open to everyone up to the third floor. From here you can admire the splendor of an exceptional monument.”

Source: Krone


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