Guests out of danger – power outage paralyzed operations in Vienna’s Prater


After several power failures in the Vienna Prater in the summer of 2022, the lights went out again on Saturday afternoon. “A low-voltage equalization switch is faulty. A fault team was quickly on site and was able to repair the damage,” said Gutenbrunner. After about an hour, power was flowing again.

According to Wiener Netze, the power outage affected several ride-hailing and Prater companies, but apparently not households: “The outage was very local. We have not received any reports of households without power.”

No one got stuck in looped rides
Unlike an incident almost exactly a year ago, when a power failure in the Prater trapped passengers at dizzying heights and had to be freed, no similar rescue operations were required this time. No one was stuck on rollercoasters or looping rides when the power went out temporarily.

“In itself, we have a very high security of supply in Vienna”, emphasized the spokeswoman for Wiener Netze. On average, it takes about 90 minutes to restore the supply in the event of a malfunction. Swapping cables is often enough, Gutenbrunner said.

Source: Krone


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