Strike against the mafia – numerous raids in Carinthia: that’s over


Numerous raids, especially in Villach and Feldkirchen, have caused a stir in recent days. Heavily armed police officers stormed pizzerias, kebab shops, two sauna clubs and other premises. Now there are the first details from the police.

Investigations have been going on for months, and in the past three days, things have happened in quick succession in Carinthia: At various locations between Villach and Feldkirchen – reported – a total of 600 officials were employed to investigate traces of the Romanian mafia. in Carinthia. Sensational operations involving heavily armed Cobra troops included raids on pizzerias, kebab shops, two brothels and 25 apartments.

Despite nine arrests and the seizure of three quarters of a kilo of cocaine, several banned weapons and 57,166 euros in cash, the balance of the “largest criminal police operation in Carinthia” is somewhat mixed.

Because the operations under the “Draga Working Group” took place in daylight and generated a corresponding amount of interest – social media groups in particular were full of photos of hooded police officers at work.

Police reluctantly withheld information, but several potential suspects were alerted and have disappeared for now. Gottlieb Türk, head of the Carinthian criminal investigation department: “Unfortunately, our clients are not at home at night, so we had to coordinate the raids in this way. But it is also new for us that social media reports everything in real time.”

At least nine suspects – six Romanians, one Italian and two Austrians – were arrested. Two are free again, seven in custody. They hope to find more dealers and pimps through them. Because these are the main allegations against the gang: large-scale drug trafficking, money laundering, pimping and organized crime.

A point that Türk makes shows how well structured the crooks were: “We found, among other things, a garage where contactless drug trafficking took place. Some put the drug in, others the money.”

Source: Krone


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