Attack in the basement: woman is stabbed in the arm with a knife


Serious bodily harm and coercion: the 29-year-old Turk has now been sentenced to a fine of 4,500 euros during the trial in Vorarlberg.

It is not a perfect marriage that the suspect and his wife have. There are often arguments. One child still lives with his parents. A foster family takes care of the younger child of ten months. A circumstance that creates additional potential for conflict. The suspect, who has two previous convictions and has been in custody since mid-August, must appear in court for dragging his wife into the basement and stabbing her three times in the arm.

Details about the incident
On August 14, the couple had another argument because the suspect came home drunk. Whereupon the irritated woman not only reproaches him loudly, but also slaps him and bites his finger. The police, alerted by the neighbors, also forbid the swallowing woodpecker and the depressed worker from entering the building.

Things escalate with the cousin
When he goes to his cousin’s house the next evening, asks for a place to sleep and meets his wife again, he forces her to come with him to the cellar.

There, the man suddenly pulls out a knife and stabs the victim three times in the arm. The defendant’s explanation of the drastic incident during Tuesday’s hearing at the Feldkirch Regional Court: “That was a mistake. I wanted to commit suicide. Then my wife took the knife away from me and said she didn’t want to live either.”

Eventually there was a fight about the knife. And she definitely inflicted the injuries on herself. What happens again and again in court: the victim does not want to respond to the case. For prosecutor Sarah Müller, the man’s version still sounds like a protective claim. Judge Julian Fettner shares their opinion and finds the defendant legally not guilty and imposes a fine of 4,500 euros.

Source: Krone


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