Match not canceled – “complete idiots”: blizzard football in Moscow


Although it is currently bitterly cold in Russia, the football players still have to go on the field. You fight your way through the game during a snowstorm without the proper equipment and create many bizarre images. But not everyone feels like laughing…

The Russian capital Moscow is currently experiencing weather conditions that are similar to those imagined in the preconceived notions of the country in the far north. It is bitterly cold and the frozen residents are currently plagued by enormous amounts of snow. Yet, when it snowed heavily again on Sunday, they did not want to cancel the planned football match in Moscow between the Russian teams “CSKA” and “Rostov”.

To be more precise: actually. However, the head referee had to enforce his will and send the poor players into the snow, writes the sports site However, the coach of the Rostov team and the Russian national team Valeri Karpin also opined: this is not a glorious idea.

2-0 victory for “CSKA”
There was no mercy for the athletes. They had to brave the snow wearing only scanty clothing. They glided across the field wearing simple football boots and shorts. The “ZSKA” team scored two goals despite the unfavorable conditions and celebrated with real “snow baths”. However, “Rostov” could not get the ball into the net.

After the match there was a lot of laughter on social media. Among other things, a photo was shared of the referee tossing a coin to decide which team will kick off. Everyone looks enchanted at the white lawn. “Why did you throw the coin in a pile of snow?” joked one user.

Coach settles the matter with strong words
After the match, the coach of the Russian national team Valeri Karpin finally broke his collar. “What more can I say,” he said angrily at the post-match press conference.

‘Did you like this football? That’s not football. “You must be a complete idiot to play in such weather,” the coach raged and immediately described the match as “shit.” “Why was that necessary? Football is dead today,” concluded the frustrated Karpin.

Source: Krone


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