Fear of new rain – landslide: multi-million dollar villas on the brink of collapse


In Southern California, a landslide caused a nearly vertical cliff to slide against multi-million dollar homes. Three outrageously expensive properties in the Pacific coast town of Dana Point are now on the brink of collapse.

Due to heavy rain, tons of stone and soil fell into the sea. Surprisingly, the villas should still be habitable.

“Currently no structural problem”
Lewis Bruggeman, owner of one of the affected homes in the community south of Los Angeles, told local station KCAL-TV that his home was “not threatened.” The city council has determined that there is “currently no structural problem” with the building.

Mayor Jamey Federico assured that the images looked “much scarier” than the situation actually was. Engineers inspected Bruggeman’s villa and concluded that “there is no immediate threat to the structure,” Federico told the Los Angeles Times.

The next rain is coming
Images published by the newspaper show that a large area of ​​greenery at Bruggeman’s 16 million dollar (15 million euro) villa has completely disappeared. According to meteorologists, the area is likely to experience further heavy rainfall in the coming days.

Source: Krone


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