Disgusting discovery in Bristol – Two suitcases containing human remains found


Disgusting discovery in Bristol – Two suitcases containing human remains found

In the English city of Bristol, police officers discovered two suitcases with grisly contents. “Unfortunately, we believe the suitcases contain human remains,” investigators said.

Around midnight, police were called to Bristol’s famous suspension bridge after a man was acting strangely with a suitcase. When officers arrived ten minutes later, the man had disappeared, leaving the luggage behind.

The man took a taxi to the bridge
The second suitcase was subsequently discovered nearby. Police are now looking for the man who, according to initial investigations, took a taxi to the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The suspect is described by police as having a dark complexion and a beard. He was wearing a black Adidas baseball cap, black jeans, a black jacket, white sneakers and had a black backpack with him.

The search for the man is in full swing
Acting Commander Vicks Hayward-Melen said: “This is a deeply concerning incident and I recognise the concern it is causing our communities. Our immediate priority is to locate the man who brought the suitcases to the bridge, identify the deceased and inform their relatives.

“The car has been impounded and the driver is helping us with our investigation,” police said, adding that the search for the suspect and identification of the remains would be the highest priority.

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