“I’m not a hero” – the car crashes: hikers become rescuers


A motorist fell 140 meters in Fladnitz an der Teichalm (Styria): The attentive firefighter Markus Liebenberger found his knowledge. But he doesn’t want to be called a hero.

The words simply flow from Markus Liebenberger as he reports on his rescue operation in the early morning hours. Then he wants to make one thing clear: he is certainly not a hero, he just acted quickly. But thanks to his attentive look and his courageous intervention, an accident victim was saved on Saturday morning.

“I was on my usual hiking trail in the Tulwitz district (Fladnitz/Teichalm, take note) when I noticed the pasture fence was broken.” At first he thought the animals had escaped. “So I went down the slope to see what was going on.”

Wreckage was scattered
In the extremely steep terrain, the 67-year-old firefighter suddenly discovered scattered wreckage and shortly after a badly injured friend lying in the meadow. “He was still breathing and I told him I would get help right away.” Since Liebenberger didn’t have a cell phone with him, he had to walk back up the slope.

Difficult recovery surgery
At a nearby farm, he alerted the rescue and Tulwitz Fire Department colleagues. “I then rushed back to him and checked whether his airways were clear.” Fortunately, the emergency services were quickly on the scene. After a very difficult rescue operation, the 31-year-old was eventually flown by helicopter to the Graz Regional Hospital.

The accident happened about an hour before the driver was found. The Styrian is known to run off the road with his car, break through the fence and fall 140 meters over the steep terrain, causing his car to roll over several times. “I hope he gets better,” said the rescuer.

Source: Krone


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