Don’t feel like stairs – boy (4) jumped out of window: seriously injured


Because he no longer wanted to climb the stairs in the apartment building, a four-year-old boy jumped out of the window on the first floor in Carinthia on Friday afternoon. He sustained serious injuries as a result.

The team of the rescue helicopter “C11” had to leave on Friday for a somewhat unusual rescue operation. A four-year-old jumped out of a second-floor window. The boy had previously taken an ice cream into the kitchen, which is located on the first floor of the family home in Faak am See.

Don’t feel like going up the stairs
Not wanting to go up the stairs again, he jumped about ten feet out of the window. The four-year-old fell on the lawn and suffered serious injuries. His mother, who was in the garden, noticed the incident and immediately alerted the emergency services.

After medical first aid, the boy was flown to the clinic in Klagenfurt.

Source: Krone


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