“Eternal Virgin” – Guided by Girlfriend and Sister to the Covenant of God


The “Crown” accompanied Bernadette Lang to the altar. Because: The 31-year-old committed himself to God and to a life of abstinence on Monday. For the young woman, it was a long thought-out, but right step.

Bernadette Lang lay prostrate on the floor for nine minutes. Amid the priests, at the feet of Auxiliary Bishop Hansjörg Hofer – on a carpet in Salzburg Cathedral. The 31-year-old woman in the wedding dress looked forward to this moment. A few minutes before that, she’d said yes three times. Yes to God and yes to being an ‘eternal virgin’.

The cathedral was full. People sat down to the last rows to witness Lang’s solemn covenant with God and the Church. As the crowds of tourists pushed out past the cathedral and through the old town during the holiday, the theologian was almost in tears in the cathedral.

“Last night was exciting, but I have no doubts anymore,” Lang said just before the dedication ceremony. It binds them forever. To God and a promise to live without sex. This is also part of the alliance that the woman has been preparing for years – reported the “Krone”.

In a white carriage to the cathedral
Bernadette Lang was driven to the cathedral in a white coach and welcomed by family and friends. “It’s a happy day for us,” said Father Hubert. Being a believer himself, he and the family support their daughter’s request, which is unusual for many. A whole bus had traveled from the small Innviertel home community of Kopfing to Salzburg to get there.

46 “eternal virgins” live in Austria
Her sister and best friend stood by her side during the ordination and supported her. After two hours, Bernadette Lang’s lifelong commitment was sealed. She is now the ninth “eternal virgin” of Salzburg. With her, Bernadette Lang, 46 women who have made the eternal promise now live in Austria. Six of them were also present in the cathedral on the feast day.

Source: Krone


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