Headwinds from Vienna – first state election after Kurz: not only the VP is shaking


In the first state election since the fall of Sebastian Kurz, the Tyrolean People’s Party with its new top candidate Anton Mattle is threatened with a double-digit minus. That does not leave federal politicians cold.

The first state elections since Sebastian Kurz’s not so laudable departure as chancellor and head of the ÖVP on Sunday in Tyrol are attracting national and even international attention.

In 2018, the VP in Tyrol celebrated more than 44.3 percent
When the Tyroleans last voted in 2018, the turquoise-black sky over the mountains still shone: Günther Platter, who had been in power for ten years at the time, won no less than plus and fourth 44.3 percent of the vote. With a little tailwind, Platter was able to convince more Tyroleans than the following parties SPÖ, FPÖ, Grüne and Liste Fritz combined.

Stormy headwind from Vienna
The wind has turned violently, so the ÖVP is shaking – not only – for this election day. And that throughout Austria. Because instead of the federal political tailwind like in 2018, a stormy headwind is now blowing from Vienna.

Governor Platter sets sail – but not until after the election. The ÖVP’s top candidate by the grace of Platter, Anton Mattle, former mayor of Galtür’s 771-member community, should take the black coals out of the fire on Sunday in his current position as state councilor.

These coals have been burning long since polls predicted disastrous results for blacks with less than 30 percent of the vote. In communications, Mattle and his badly battered party tried to give “hope” for a result of up to 34 percent. That, it is suggested, would be a relative success for the ÖVP. The fact remains: a double-digit minus sign in Tyrol makes waves to Vienna.

SPÖ and FPÖ “match” for second place
And the challengers? SPÖ and FPÖ battle for second place, the Greens are believed to be able to keep their 2018 result, NEOS and especially former ÖVP offshoot List Fritz are likely to grow strongly. And then? Keep shaking!

Source: Krone


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