Academic Ball: – Glawischnig: “Nazi demarcation is too small”


The current ‘duel’ on between Eva Glawischnig and Andreas Mölzer is about, among other things, the recent Academic Ball in the Hofburg.

Mölzer: “This is not a networking meeting, but a family meeting. A simple ball where people dance.” Eva Glawischnig, however, puts it into perspective: “The German national brotherhoods do not completely distance themselves from charged issues.” She then makes her statement much clearer: “The demarcation of the brotherhoods of the Nazi history is too small.” Mölzer: “No, this demarcation is self-evident.”

Glawischnig, referring to visible wounds on the faces of fraternity members: “Aren’t you a real man until you cut something on your face?” She also accuses: “I don’t understand why they (meaning the fraternities, mind you) exclude women. ”

The two duelists also discuss the tragic death of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny. Glawischnig: “Nawalny was murdered in installments.” Mölzer, who historically argues: “Russia has long had a culture of violence.” But he also mentions a number of political murders initiated by Americans: “Murder is murder. With Americans it is no different and no better.”

In the video above you can see many more current details on these and many other topics.

In the format “The Duel”, public figures discuss current national and international crises every week.

Source: Krone


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