“Central figure” – surveys, advertisements: short confidant in the U committee


Studies, surveys and advertisements commissioned by Turkish ministries will again play an important role in the corruption investigation commission ÖVP on Thursday. The interrogation of Gerald Fleischmann – a close confidant of ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz – should be particularly exciting. FPÖ faction leader Christian Hafenecker sees him as one of the “central figures in message control” of the Kurz era and in the “Ballhausplatz project”.

The Public Prosecution Service for Economic Affairs and Corruption (WKStA) is now investigating Fleischmann, the former head of the media department of the Federal Chancellery. Therefore, some layoffs are to be expected during the investigation, as well as numerous discussions about the legality of the procedure.

denials announced
ÖVP faction leader Andreas Hanger also announced Fleischmann’s denials ahead of the investigation and called on authorities to investigate “quickly”. Reportedly, Fleischmann, who now works in the ÖVP club, has not even been questioned.

“Busy messages, then delete them”
The opposition – as well as the ruling faction of the Greens – are still confident they are on to a system. “Occupy posts and then empty” was the motto of the ÖVP for NEOS faction chair Stephanie Krisper when it came to the payment of studies by ministries. And Nina Tomaselli of the Greens suspects that research funds have been misused for fake surveys.

Fleischmann is joined by former farmers’ union official Paul Unterhuber, who, as head of the Demox polling station, is said to have conducted party political polls for the federal government.

Source: Krone


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