Spain pulls out the roller and launches into the battle for the quarter-finals


The Hispanics closed the first phase of the World Cup with a resounding victory and go into the main round with four points, where they will face Poland, Slovenia and France

After two big games, finished by a certain margin but without the expected vigor, the Hispanics took on Iran. The last match of the first stage of the World Cup in Sweden and Poland forced the initialling of the highly anticipated plenary session that would see entry into the main round with four points in their pocket, as did France, the other favorite to reach the quarter-finals for this part of the map. It also offered the opportunity to get rid of the conflicting feelings of the duels against Montenegro and Chile, in which Spain won but did not finish convincingly. Both goals were amply met, so Jordi Ribera’s men arrive full of morale for a main round in which two places in the quarter-finals are played against Poland, Slovenia and France.

The Asian team, led by the legendary Veselin Vujovic, leader on the floor of that wonderful Metaloplastika of the eighties and one of the best handball players in history, was a favorable rival to take off and load the backpack before the beans to play the quarter-finals of the World Cup on schedule. This time, the team led by Jordi Ribera, an expert at activating when the big tournaments come to a boil, wanted no complications.

The Spanish team was involved in a 5-1 defense system from the start, with Kauldi Odriozola as striker, who short-circuited the Iranian attacking game, unable to solve a wall like the Spaniards. The ball stealing and the easy goals against the counter quickly made all the difference and after the initial 2-1, the only Persian advantage in the game, Spain accelerated to the first substantial advantage, a 5-10 halfway through the first act that was clearly see was what would eventually happen.

Siavoshishahenayati, Heidarpour (4), Barbat (4), Kiani (2), Sadeghi (2), Sadeghzadeh (1), Oraei (2) -start seven-. Sarpoushi (ps.), Kazemi (2), Ghalandari, Norouzinezhad (4), Kabirianjoo (1), Yadegaridehkordi, Kouhzad, Behnamnia and Samsami.

Pérez de Vargas (1), Ángel Fernández (4), Sánchez-Migallón, Odriozola (3), Dani Dujshebaev (2), Casado (1), Álex Dujshebaev (6) -start seven-. Corrales (PS), Dani Fernández (2), Peciña (1), Gideón Guardiola (2), Figueras (1), Ferran Solé (6), Cañellas (3), Valera and Maqueda (3).

The Dujshebaev brothers struck from the side, while Pol Valera, who had urgently called on Ribera to take over the Spanish role after Ian Tarrafeta’s injury, made his championship debut with a pass from behind to the definition of Ángel Fernández, a true jackhammer. Great staging from the Granollers centre-back, successful in splitting the game to the limit hours after landing in Krakow. The Spanish team showed no mercy and ended their best thirty minutes in the championship so far with a spectacular ball from Solé to Cañellas, icing on the cake in keeping with the play shown in the first half.

Comfortable advantage (11-21), game on schedule and minutes to make substitutions and test different defense systems. With newcomer Valera quickly adapting to the complex Spanish slate, the conclusions couldn’t be better after making his way through the dressing rooms, but the Hispanics’ appetites were not quenched. The goal difference increased, in a constant and choral trickle. Pérez de Vargas, decisive in the debut against Montenegro and dosed against Chile, also brushed up his statistics to the dismay of Vujovic, whose pupils are light years away from his excellence on the pitch.

With more than a dozen goals ahead, Spain enjoyed themselves and up to 13 of their 16 called up players scored – all except goalkeeper Corrales, the defense specialist Sánchez-Migallón and Valera – which speaks volumes about the depth of resources of a squad that is not the best in terms of individuality, but a competitive team like few others. The smile on the Spanish bench in the last piece said enough. The Hispanics have gone from less to more in the World Cup and reach the main round in top form. Poland, Slovenia and France are waiting for the hostess, big words. At stake is their presence in the quarter-finals, the minimum goal for a team accustomed to success.

Source: La Verdad


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