Noriker survived – horse falls from a moving trailer onto the road


Wild accident in Scharnstein (Upper Austria). At full speed, a Noriker stallion had fallen from its trailer and landed on the road. Witnesses calmed the horse. The owner initially did not notice the accident.

A 24-year-old from Laakirchen drove his car and horse trailer on the B120 towards Eisengatern on Friday around 4.45 pm. In the municipal area of ​​Scharnstein, his Noriker stallion must have been kicked out so en masse in the closed trailer that the two latches of the tailgate ripped out and the tailgate opened.

animal rolled over
Shortly afterwards, the horse fell at full speed onto the carriageway of the B120 and, according to witnesses, rolled over several times. The driver initially did not notice the accident and continued on his way to Kirchham.

Only then did the 24-year-old notice that the horse was no longer in the trailer and drove back the route. However, he left the badly damaged trailer where it stood. In Scharnstein he found his horse again. Fortunately, the animal, which was only slightly injured, was caught and calmed down by following horse drivers.

Source: Krone


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