High repair costs – Alexander (40) is most concerned about his car


High repair costs – Alexander (40) is most concerned about his car

A severely disabled man from Linz (40) cannot participate in public life without his wheelchair-accessible vehicle. The car (built in 2008) is in urgent need of repairs. Unfortunately, this is not affordable for wheelchair users who have limited financial resources.

40-year-old Alexander from Linz is a cheerful person. Despite his severe disability (spastic tetraparesis), which resulted in partial paralysis of his limbs from birth, he tries to see the bright side of life. Fortunately, difficult fates, such as the early death of his partner Katja, could not dampen his courage to live.

Fan of LASK and Blau-Weiß Linz
Alex is a big music lover who enjoys going to live events with friends, soaking up the positive atmosphere and also enjoys talking to other fans. The wheelchair user is especially fond of rock concerts. He was with the Rolling Stones, the Toten Hosen, the Scorpions and Judas Priest, among others. “I also love Christl Stürmer and cabaret – I was able to talk to Roland Düringer backstage,” he says.

Alexander was also a member of the national boccia team in his youth and he is probably the only football fan in Linz who roots for both LASK and Blau-Weiß and occasionally cheers on both clubs in the stadium.

Own radio program
Once a month he also does a radio program with a friend. Under the motto ‘Radio by people with disabilities, for people with special needs’, the two have regularly informed their fellow sufferers about news and given practical tips since 2011 – supported by studio guests from the disability sector. The humor is also not neglected.

As chairman of an association for the disabled, the 40-year-old travels throughout Upper Austria. “I see myself as a works council for people with disabilities and have a passion for supporting our customers,” Alexander explains. His car is an indispensable tool in carrying out this volunteer work. “Since 2008 I have been the proud owner of a Fiat Doblo with a high deck that has been converted for the disabled. But now it is getting so old that major repairs are needed, which is causing me enormous financial worries.”

He has almost 500 euros available every month, with which he has to pay for food, electricity and a mobile phone. “Unfortunately, the repairs are really urgent because I depend on it so much in my personal life. Without a car I am no longer mobile.”

But Alexander does not see his lifelong disability as a burden: “I don’t know anything else. Of course, it was always clear that I couldn’t become a roofer or a footballer. But my life is good the way it is.”

Source: Krone


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