Just in time for lunch: the body is dragged through the dining room of a retirement home


Scandal at Easter: a dead person was taken away at lunch in a retirement home in Salzburg – relatives complain about the lack of sensitivity on the part of the house management, which defends itself in the “Krone” conversation.

Life and death are an integral part of the Roman Catholic liturgy, especially during the Easter holidays. But the extremely macabre events at a Salzburg retirement home (known as the “Krone”) still raise eyebrows among visitors and relatives – even weeks after Easter Monday!

“The mood became eerie”
In detail: the body of a popular resident is said to have been transported through the dining room on April 1, just in time for lunch. An eyewitness explains: “Suddenly the door opened and the atmosphere suddenly became eerie. Then two funeral directors simply pushed a coffin across the crowded dining room. There was not a word of regret or apology, you almost thought of a bad April Fool’s joke.”

The blame is now being placed on the management of the home – but they reject the criticism: “Ethically speaking it is of course a catastrophe, but the municipal funeral service is a service provider. “We often have no influence on the agreement,” says the house manager. However, we want to avoid such images in the future because the nursing sector faces very different problems, they say.

Source: Krone


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